Intacct's CEO Robert Reid Wins Gold

Posted on: December 30, 2014 | By: Craig Thompson | Intacct

For any company, the role of a CEO is very important. From giving a brand confidence, to building a business's entire foundation – without a well-rounded and innovative CEO, a company is most likely to fail. As a true testament to the commitment Intacct's executive leadership maintains each day to their customers, we are proud to announce CEO Robert Reid's award as a Gold winner in the prestigious CEO World Awards.

The CEO World Awards, held once a year, encompasses the world's best in leadership for every major industry in the world. Companies of all shapes and sizes are eligble to submit nominations including both public and private companies, as well as non-profits.

Robert Reid was honored as the “Customer Focused CEO” earlier this month for his role in creating a workplace where the number one goal is customer success. Reid earned Gold for his track record of driving explosive growth at innovative companies, his deep focus on customers and for his extensive expertise within the world of cloud computing.

Robert Reid's awards do not just stop there, earlier this year he was named as Glassdoor's Highest Rated CEO and GrowthCap's #1 CEO in Financial Technology. With a CEO so empowering, Intacct's cloud computing software is headed straight to the top. 

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