3 Dynamics GP Features that are Perfect for the Wholesale Distribution Industry

Posted on: November 30, 2016 | By: Craig Thompson | Microsoft Dynamics GP, Wholesale Distribution

As distributors, collecting clear and concise data is only half of the battle. This data then must be communicated even clearer and quicker than ever to your organizations decision makers in order to remain competitive in this growing, connected market. Aging ERP systems make it difficult to drive the fast and accurate decisions your business needs to establish confidence with customers and win new business. Rather than remain in the dark, utilizing forward thinking ERP systems for distributors like Microsoft Dynamics GP allows for more transparent business operations to allow for much smoother transactions. Below are 3 Dynamics GP features that we feel are perfect for successful wholesale distributors and can help significantly increase efficiency in your distribution organization.

Improve Materials Requirements Planning

Integrating information across the company supply chain, MRP recommendation scan be automated to provide more accurate purchase decisions. Microsoft Dynamics GP allows you to automate your MRP to simplify production planning in a variety of different ways. Understanding just how your inventory is being replenished is crucial for the success of any wholesale distributor. Having an automated ERP system can predict future customer buying trends and analyze the most efficient way to plan around inventory processing.

Improve Retailer Supply Processes

Access real time data through the Internet to provide retailers and other dealers the instant tools that they need to select, configure, price and order your products within one unified dealer portal so that they have access to the information they need to answer questions instantaneously.

Streamline the Purchasing Process

The value that a good purchasing department brings to the table is priceless, especially In the wholesale distribution industry. Ensure purchasing employees are contributing their full value by utilizing automated ERP software like Dynamics GP to help track back orders and simplify reporting. Dynamics GP allows purchasers to monitor potential and current suppliers to ensure the best pricing is achieved and by eliminating timely manual processes your purchasers will be able to focus on what matters most.

Automated Wholesale Distribution ERP Software like Dynamics GP can help simplify daily processing and ultimately set your Distribution Company apart from the competition. For more information on Microsoft Dynamics GP and other automated ERP software systems, contact Logan Consulting your Chicago based Microsoft Dynamics Partner and schedule a consultation to determine if GP is your organization's best fit.

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