Part 3: 3 Questions Manufacturers need to ask before selecting a new ERP system

Posted on: February 18, 2020 | By: Julia Paul | Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

3 Questions from a Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Partner

Welcome to the third blog in this mini-series, “Questions manufacturers need to ask before selecting a new ERP System”. This week we are looking at 3 beneficial questions which will help manufacturers choose the most valuable system. “Who is the best project manager?”, “Who will train the employees?”, and “Who will manage post-implementation change?”. We are a Microsoft Dynamics Business Central partner, which is a complete cloud-based ERP and CRM solution that removes silos of data and allows companies to collaborate and drive efficiency.

Who will be your project manager?

Project managers should have a broad understanding of the business, its departments, its functionality, and senior management’s expectations and goals. Deciding who is best to manage an ERP Implementation project can be difficult. Does a senior manager, the vendor, or the IT department take charge?  It’s a matter of who could give an independent perspective and make the change that this project requires. Select a person who is respected in the organization and who is willing to embrace the change that comes with any new system. They will need to be objective and understand the concerns of many different departments.

Who will train your employees? 

Training is a huge part of implementation. The biggest question is whether you will lead the training and develop your own subject matter experts, or whether an outside firm will lead the training. Personally, we are big fans of train-the-trainer concept. We believe it creates buy-in and an internal team of experts for post implementation support. In addition, this approach is an effective way of training because ERP software is complex, extensive, and company specific, key users have a in depth knowledge of the specific business processes supported by the ERP software. With this knowledge, they must train the other employees, this is more cost effective. Money will be saved from not receiving the expensive training from a software vendor.

Who will manage post-implementation change? 

As much as people fear change, it is constant, and an ERP implementation is no different. There will be changes needed to the system once you are live. Ongoing training will be important to continue to maximize the value from the system. So, you must define who in your organization will manage that change once you are live. It could be the same project manager or maybe each department head.

These are three questions Logan Consulting believes manufacturers need to ask before selecting an ERP system. If you want to learn more about selecting an ERP system for a manufacturing company download our whitepaper “24 Questions Manufacturers Need to Ask Before Selecting a New ERP System” or feel free to contact Logan Consulting, a Microsoft Business Central partner.

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