Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 Self-Service Features

Posted on: October 15, 2014 | By: Craig Thompson | Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015, being released this December, is brimming with new features. Today’s discussed features will be all about employee self-service options. So far, there have three employee self-service topics addressed by Microsoft GP’s marketing manager Pam Misialek in her Microsoft Dynamics GP ‘feature of the day’ series . These topics include; employee profiles, employee W4’s, and employee benefits.

Employee Profiles and Skills Training

With this new feature, employees are able to view and update their own personal information including phone numbers/addresses, emergency contacts and position history. Employees can also maintain their education and testing in the employee skills and training window. If an employee needs to submit a change, an e-mail will be sent to a manager for approval. This new skill saves managers time from updating information and keeps all employee information accurate and up to date.

Employee W4 and Workflow

This feature will allow employees to update their own W4 information, allowing them to see their current W4 settings, view historical W4’s and submit changes to workflow.

Employee Benefits

New benefits window allows employees to view their benefits whenever they choose. This window will show employee and employer contributions. The employee benefits window will also allow employees to view what benefits they are assigned and what benefits are available.

Stay tuned to hear new features of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015. For more information contact Logan Consulting, a Chicago Microsoft Dynamics GP partner.  


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