Improving Supply Chain Operations with Microsoft Dynamics GP

Posted on: May 17, 2017 | By: Craig Thompson | Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP offers businesses in the manufacturing industry robust functionality. Challenges manufacturers and distributors face often revolve around one concept—supply and demand. Not having the ability to supply customers with the products they desire can be extremely frustrating when trying to develop lasting relationships. To prevent this supply shortage from reoccurring, using an integrated ERP system like Dynamics GP can ensure your supply chain management is on point and accurate! These four improvements that Microsoft Dynamics GP has brought to many businesses, are just a handful of examples of what Dynamics GP can do for you.

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Lean Inventory

Allowing for JIT (Just in Time) inventory equips your business with the necessary inventory, but does not provide materials too early. Not only is not having the appropriate inventory on hand when customers need it frustrating, but having too much inventory on hand can also cause built up costs.

Empower Negotiation

Within Microsoft Dynamics GP, you are given the capability to house customer data that is current and reliable. Consistently tracking this information makes predicting future market trends that much easier! This data will allow for better insight when making negotiations with consumers.

Complete Microsoft Integration

Without an advanced ERP solution, many businesses rely heavily on using programs like Microsoft Excel and Outlook. Although, these tools have their advantages it may be strenuous relying completely on these programs to tracks all your data. Luckily, Microsoft Dynamics GP integrates with both programs to create a complete and innovative solution for maximum benefits to your business.

Profit Maximization

Specifically, within supply chain management Microsoft Dynamics GP accelerates and simplifies orders to create that optimal level of inventory. By driving up these internal processes, maximum profits can be easily reached.


The improvements Microsoft Dynamics GP can bring to the growth of your supply chain helps promote efficiency for your business. Taking your operations to the next level can make all the difference when staying ahead of competitors. If your business wants to learn more about Microsoft Dynamics GP, contact Logan Consulting, your Chicago based Microsoft Certified Gold Partner.

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