Production Execution in QAD

Posted on: April 11, 2022 | By: David Kwo | QAD Manufacturing, QAD Business Process, QAD Distribution

Production Execution (PE) is a new QAD functionality that enables collaboration and communication between production planning and operations, ultimately offering benefits that increase production flexibility and operational capabilities. It offers a convenient solution to production management software within the QAD system, eliminating the need for paper waste or custom software.


By using a touch screen interface at the shop floor, PE creates the opportunity within the QAD system to exchange real time information about production between the shop floor and production planners. Those on the shop floor can see production orders (PO) and changes to the production schedule in real time and can send instantaneous updates on the progress made on POs (when they’ve started working on an order, exactly how much of the order is complete, etc), report machine issues, and view inventory. The communication and accessibility of real-time information on both ends allows for flexibility, and ultimately increased efficiency, in production scheduling an execution. 

The system provides access to historical data about machine performance, further enhancing the ability of production planners to create efficient production schedules and troubleshoot in the case of machine failures or other obstacles.

Important documents, such as procedures, can be stored in the software, making it simple to ensure that any changes are implemented company-wide. PE also allows users to set up quality steps and work areas, which are also easy to change when the need arises.

Users can configure views depending on an individual’s role and responsibilities, limiting or expanding their scope as necessary.

Manufacturing Subject Matter Experts (SME) and System Administrators typically makes most of the decisions regarding the use of PE. To leverage the tool for the benefit of your company, it is necessary to have experts who understand your business and shop floor processes and who can configure/implement PE in a manner that fits those processes.

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