Serialization in QAD

Posted on: April 1, 2022 | By: Andrew Hall | QAD Manufacturing, QAD Business Process, QAD Distribution


QAD’s Serialization provides out-of-the-box functionality to create and transact containerized inventory throughout the receiving, production, and shipping processes. QAD uses the term “Serialization” to represent the container serial number or “license plate.” QAD Serialization supports multiple levels of containerization (e.g., items in boxes, boxes on pallets, etc.). Once inventory is Serialized, the Serialized container can be transacted throughout QAD by simply scanning the single Serialized number, which speeds processing and reduces errors.


Serialization Setups

The following setup is required when using Serialization.

  1. Pack Code Maintenance is used to define all of the types of packaging that will be used in the Serialization process (e.g. boxes of multiple types, pallets, gaylords, etc.).
  2. Packaging Structure Maintenance to define the various levels of packaging that are used consistently in the materials process.
  3. Item Packaging Maintenance to define Item, Item-Customer, or Item-Customer-Transaction Type specific packaging requirements to set defaults when transacting an Item.
  4. You can also then use Pack Label Format Maintenance and/or Item Label Format Maintenance to create a linkage to the appropriate label that should print when transacting.

After the above is complete, you can build packs through all receipt transactions, or on a stand-alone basis using the Pack Build function. You can issue Serialized inventory through all issue transactions, and you can also use the Pack Move to transfer the Serialized container from location to location.

In summary, QAD provides the necessary functionality to seamlessly manage Serialized inventory with minimal setup and maintenance which speeds and error-proofs the receipt, movement, and issues of such inventory.

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Next Steps

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