QAD EQMS for Purchasing

Posted on: March 6, 2023 | By: Emily Aro | QAD Practice News, QAD Distribution

What are the benefits of QAD EQMS for purchasing? In this blog, Part Four of the QAD EQMS series, we will cover what features in QAD EQMS benefit the Purchasing department of a company. If you are interested in an overview of EQMS or how it benefits the Engineering or Sales departments click here for Part one of the series. To learn about the benefits of QAD EQMS for Manufacturing, click here for part two of the series. For part three of the series, QAD EQMS for Quality and Inventory, click here. 

Non-conformance and Corrective Action (NCR/CAPA)

Every product and process evolves over time, whether the evolution occurs to correct a problem, resolve a complaint, or help control costs.  QAD EQMS includes complete NCR and CAPA capabilities to ensure that your company’s dedication to problem resolution has full support for these critical functions.  Benefits of NCR/CAPA in QAD EQMS include:

  • Reduce risk from delayed correction or preventative action implementation
  • Ensure non-conforming materials are properly dispositioned and recorded
  • Reduce repeat issues
  • Build-in optional root cause tools
  • Quality alerts
  • Deviation management

Purchasing Supplier Management

Companies compete on the effectiveness of their supply chains, so ensuring your suppliers are performing to your expectations is crucial to your success.  QAD EQMS includes complete supplier performance management that help ensure conformance to best practices. Supplier Management in QAD EQMS is effective in aiding supplier development, simplifying communication/coordination with suppliers, and resolving supplier issues effectively.

QAD EQMS Continuous Improvement

Businesses must adapt to the ever-changing needs of their customers/industries. QAD EQMS includes continuous improvement suggestions, projects, lessons learned, issue management, and meetings into one system.  This efficiently manages the process in one place.

Other benefits of the Continuous Improvement features in QAD EQMS include:

  • Driving collaborative improvement initiatives
  • Management of cross-functional teams and projects
  • Reduction of costs and improved performance

Next Steps

If you are interested in learning more about QAD EQMS, contact us here to find out how we can help you grow your business. You can also email us at or call (312) 345-8817.

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