Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) in QAD

Posted on: March 14, 2022 | By: David Kwo | ERP Selection, QAD Business Process

QAD’s Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) functionality enables users to connect ad hoc query tools to a practice database and access curating data. It also allows the ability to send commands to communicate with that database. Additionally, it can use Progress ODBC drivers to connect to private, third-party Windows-based applications that use structured query language (SQL) to obtain data. SQL is a standard database interface language used by many application packs, such as Microsoft and Oracle, and many third-party tools that are database neutral.

Benefits of leveraging Progress ODBC:

  • A standard that allows third-party access to databases
  • Allows users to use third-party applications without needing to write their own applications
  • Allows users to use tools to create ad hoc queries using the Progress database
  • Gives users access to a fair number of applications they may not have access to otherwise

The Progress ODBC client is installed on the Windows client. It can then be accessed like any other ODBC client.

Progress ODBC is not a standard step of the QAD install, so users will want to have a consultant or expert install this functionality separately.

Next Steps

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