Considerations when implementing QAD Enterprise Edition (EE) Financials globally

Posted on: August 1, 2013 | By: Andy Vitullo | QAD Financials

When trying to implement QAD Enterprise Edition Financials in a global environment, most would think that the plan, the participants, the support, the training, the data and/or any of the numerous other variables that would come to mind would be the most important factors.  In our opinion, it is the setting of global standards that will be flexible enough to satisfy most country specific reporting requirements and facilitate corporate financial consolidation with minimal intervention.

One example would be the account field.  The account field may mandated by countries with a specific meaning and may not work in every other country that you are trying to standardize.  In cases like this, you may want to split the account field into 2 segments.  The first segment being corporate's reporting requirement and the second segment being the local country's required code satisfying their reporting requirement.  Combining these 2 meanings into one account field may go a long way in preparing for a global implementation.

Other areas you may want to consider for global financial standardization would be:

  • Domains
  • Entities
  • Sites
  • Product Lines
  • Accounts
  • Sub Accounts
  • Cost Centers
  • Projects
  • Part/Item Types
  • Departments
  • Part/Item Groups
  • Customer Types
  • Regions



We have found this will take a considerable amount of time but it will shortcut most all of the other variables listed above and in every case has shortened the implementation process in a global environment.

When establishing these standards some additional factors that should be considered:

  1. Global Statutory Reporting Requirements
  2. Flexibility for Company Growth and Change
  3. Data Entry Ease
  4. Management Reporting Requirements
  5. ERP Systems structure and functionality

There are numerous other areas that can and probably should be standardized before a global implementation but that is for a later time.

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