Technology Machinery manufacturer reconfigures their module for fixed assets to get the most out of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and accurately record their transactions.


The Client

Our client provides and supports many manufacturing technologies to customers in the Americas. They offer engineering and application support for shop floor setups. They have 21 service locations and 33 in-the-field service vans across North America to address client needs. Our client is a subsidiary of a large Japanese trading corporation, which provides them access to the extensive R&D knowledge of a globally recognized entity.


The Opportunity

Our client had been experiencing issues in the fixed asset module of AX 2012 while trying to work through their normal business processes. Processes were taking too long and transactions were not posting correctly to the general ledger. The accounting staff at the manufacturer needed someone with expertise in the setup of the module and to provide best practices on how to use it so they can record transactions accurately and efficiently.


The Solution

Our client selected Logan Consulting to help them get their fixed assets activity back on track. First, the team from Logan gathered information from the client on their issues with the module. Once the pain points were identified, Logan Consulting provided solutions to address and alleviate these problems. The users were also provided with best practices on how to efficiently execute fixed asset transactions and instructions to generate the most useful reporting.


The Results

The fixed asset module was reconfigured to accurately record fixed asset transactions and the staff were trained on the best practices for recording these transactions.

  • Posting profile changes to handle all fixed asset transactions accurately
  • Users trained on best practices to work efficiently and avoid issues
  • Fixed asset sub-ledger and general ledger in balance
  • Accurate reporting of the fixed asset sub-ledger
  • Enhanced intelligence in mandating reasons for certain transactions


Next Steps

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