Logan Consulting partners with a jewelry company to conduct an on-site assessment of the company’s Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 implementation and provides recommendations for process improvement.


The Client

Our client produces silver and silver plated jewelry and buckles for retail purchase since 1973. They are headquartered in Columbus, Montana near the banks of the Yellowstone river. They employ over 250 people locally and are privately owned. The buckles are hand-graved and are of high quality craftsmanship. Their trophy buckles are awarded to the winners of the National Finals Rodeo annually.


The Opportunity

The client had already been live on Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, but they were experiencing some issues and pain points. They needed software expertise to determine what was the cause of these issues and how they could be remediated. Relieving these issues would help the company better achieve both their tactical and strategic business needs.


The Logan Consulting Solution

Logan Consulting was selected to execute a current state assessment of their system and provide expert advice on how best to address the issues that they were currently facing. Resources from Logan Consulting met with key users of the client’s organization to gain an understanding of their current business environment, their requirements (including their customer requirements), and the issues at hand related to the AX implementation. At the end of the assessment, Logan resources provided the company’s primary and secondary recommendations to address their pain points.


The Results

Logan Consulting provided an assessment along with deliverables to address the issues and improve their business processes. The deliverables consisted of primary and secondary recommendations.

  • Identified issues with their MRP process and how it could be improved with additional setup and training.
  • Scrap recording was not properly handled, which affected the accounting of those transactions. Best practice processes were suggested to remediate this problem.
  • There was no cycle counting procedure in place affecting inventory control and production. Best practice procedures were suggested to put a solid process in place.
  • Financial data could be improved with additional financial dimensions in select modules related to inventory and production.
  • Users were struggling to extract financial data from the system. Logan suggested 3rd party and standard reporting tools so that these processes were efficient and accuracy of data was improved.


Next Steps

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