Culinary manufacturer teams with Logan Consulting to enhance the relationship between Microsoft Dynamics AX and eBanking.


The Client

Our client is a flavor company that is based out of Illinois. The company’s core business involves the creation of innovative culinary concepts, providing consumer insights, applying product development expertise, ensuring quality through sensory testing, and delivering through final production. Everything is tailored to fit Griffith Foods’ customer’s needs.


The Opportunity

Our client wanted to improve the relationship between the customer, bank, and the client. This was a way to improve customer touch points pre-sale, at the point of sale, and post-sale.


The Logan Consulting Solution

Our client partnered with Logan Consulting to enhance the integration between AX and the payment process for the client. After team members from both sides had an initial requirement gathering session, and reviewed some NACHA documentation, a plan was put into place. A change to the Payment Advice Report, and the ability to automatically email the report to customers would be some of the first modifications. In addition to those changes, a credit card transaction import, as well as customizations to the ACH generation would improve the customer payment process.


The Results

As a result of the modification, customer engagement at A & K Railroad has improved.

  • Customers improved ability to pay using ACH or Credit Card has simplified payments
  • Customer aging has improved because of it
  • The ability to automatically email the Payment Advice Report allows customers to receive real time information directly from AX


Next Steps

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