In July 2018, Logan Consulting visited and completed a current state assessment of a plastic distributor headquartered in the Midwest.

The Client

The client is an industry leader in international plastic resin distribution and resale. The client relies on strong relationships with both their suppliers and customers to improve supply chain processes. In addition to their core business, the client provides downstream physical and analytical testing laboratory services, is a leader in technological innovation, and is a player in the 3-D printing industry. In 2014 the client reached over a billion pounds in sales.

The Opportunity

As of July, they had been implementing Dynamics 365 for Finance and Supply Chain Management since September 2017 but were not satisfied with the direction or the cadence of the project. Logan Consulting was engaged to assess the status of the project and feasibility that the project is running as it should from an ERP implementation expert perspective.

The Solution

Representatives from Logan met with key resources from the client to understand their current business environment and their requirements. In addition to these meetings, Logan representatives also met with leads from the project team to understand the goals of the project as well as the pain points that have manifested over the life of the project.

The Results

Logan Consulting provided a summary of their findings as well as recommendations to address these issues. Logan identified areas of improvement in the project management and functional aspect of Dynamics 365 for Finance and Supply Chain Management.

· Follow Logan Methodology – The client was operating the project without a project methodology. This has caused a lot of disconnect in the project. By following the Logan Methodology, clear definitions of project deliverables and timeline benefit the project’s viability through completion.

· Reviewed Requirements – The requirements document, while robust, had not been maintained. It was unclear to all involved if the requirements are native, custom, integration, etc. By reviewing the requirements again, the scope of the project became more clear.

· Reviewed Existing FDDs – In light of not following a methodology, there are FDDs that have been started but it’s not clear if these documents are complete, if the modification had been developed, etc. All modifications need to be reviewed, estimated and organized based on this review and any additions that come out of the requirements review. This will give a clearer picture of the amount of development work that will be needed.

· Test Case Documentation – Users had not been documenting test case scenarios from their day to day jobs. By documenting these cases over a month or two, it helps the capturing of overall test case scenarios and to make sure that listing is complete.

· Environment Synchronization and Control – The environments were not currently in sync and changes were being made in various environments, causing a potential data integrity issue. By synchronizing the environments, data and configurations will not be lost.

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