The Client

Perfect Aire is a leading distributor of air quality solutions for both residential and commercial markets. Perfect Aire continues to experience rapid growth and needs an ERP solution that can meet modern needs and provide the potential for growth.


The Opportunity

Perfect Aire has recently concluded their implementation of Acumatica and is effectively processing transactions using new Acumatica processes and features. Because Perfect Aire is separating its business into separate legal entities based on product branding, each new business entity has been set up as a branch within the company to provide the necessary categorical reporting. The use of sub-accounts provides Perfect Aire with accurate reporting by country, shipping source, channel, and department, as Acumatica is providing the structure to turn data into information.


The Logan Consulting Solution

Sales Pricing

Perfect Aire has a flexible pricing structure for their customers in which users can view a pdf document to determine the correct price for every order. Acumatica is able to leverage standard pricing and discounts structure by item, currency, and more. By defaulting the correct price, this feature allows for reduced time spent on each order entry. Additionally, this feature also resolves the complex discount structure associated with selling to national retailers. Ultimately, Acumatica has been able to correctly process invoices and payment applications while saving time.

Sales Commissions

Perfect Aire pays sales commissions to their sales representatives. Each representative’s contract holds distinct rules based on the representative’s customer, item class, and item numbers. Fortunately, the Acumatica Advanced Commission module is able to provide the necessary details to calculate the correct commission. As expected, the sales representative does not get paid until the customer pays Perfect Aire; therefore, the platform needs to have accurate sales expense accrual based on the Invoice Date. The customer payment date serves as a trigger that processes the sales representative’s commission payment.


Perfect Aire uses 3PL warehouses across North America to distribute its products. Acumatica has been able to support multiple warehouses in their data interchange for receipts, orders, and shipments. Perfect Aire warehouses plan to automate this process with the use of scanners and shipping integration with freight carriers.


Perfect Aire has been able to leverage its existing EDI requirements by changing its source from OMS to Acumatica. Fortunately, Acumatica’s accessible and efficient interface has provided for a seamless transition.


Next Steps

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