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The Client

Our client provides specialized research reporting, an online catalog of training, and thought leadership events for the financial services industry. This includes banks, credit unions, mortgage, and auto lenders. Reports and Learning Services are provided on a subscription basis with defined start and end periods.


The Opportunity

The client had recently converted to Microsoft CRM Sales from a proprietary legacy system. Our client wanted to fully leverage their investment in CRM and find how to customize the Customer Service Module to their needs. Their needs included:

  • Move internal customer service to one platform for case management.
  • Handle high volume of Email to case support requests directly with minimal manual intervention.
  • Provide case management functionality for general Customer Service and Support requests,  Client On-boarding, and Product Delivery that could be customized for each group’s needs.
  • Ability to easily automate manual processes such as email alerts to sales, task generation, and surveys upon case completion.
  • Provide visibility to Sales and Senior leadership of case management processes for three different internal processes.
  • Provide clear visibility for actual Product delivery dates for complicated reports that had different delivery frequencies.
  • Replace current system that was hosted & supported on internal servers and two distinct systems.
  • Allowed case workers to use Microsoft Outlook to track email threads to the cases.


The Logan Consulting Solution

After reviewing the requirements and needs with the client, Logan Consulting conducted multiple design sessions with the various internal sales groups. Through this, we were able to design the required structure and processes that supported their business requirements and processes. The final solution developed and configured by Logan Consulting included:

  • Designed and implemented a custom solution to migrate case data from the legacy system to Microsoft CRM utilizing Azure Cloud database services.
  • A method to track and open JIRA tickets (a secondary development tracking system) within the case form.
  • Three distinct case management processes with their own case forms and Business process flows- General Customer Service Requests, Client On-boarding, and Report Product delivery.
  • Automatic Email to Case creation that monitored inbound requests from a Support email box and created the case.
  • Use of D365 Customer Service Level Agreement functionality (SLA’s) to enforce internal case response times to the client’s stated response promise to customers.
  • Automated Surveys upon case resolution.
  • Custom Delivery Schedule process to provide visibility to Sales and Accounting for actual Product delivery.
  • Extensive reporting views and dashboards.
  • Integration with Sales for visibility of customer service interactions.
  • Ability to easily track normal client interaction activities and notes using standard CRM Timeline Functionality without copying and pasting from Outlook.
  • Ability for sales to directly open a case for a client question without having to send emails to Customer Service.
  • Granular Security Roles for access to records and record creation based on Customer service function and process.


The Results

The project was completed in about three months from the start of scoping to the actual go-live day. The rollout was broken down into three distinct mini-projects with different go-live dates. First, General Customer Service Case management was implemented, including a conversion of existing case management data migrated to CRM through a custom-built import tool. The second and third groups were rolled out within a few weeks. The end result found that Case Management is now an integral part of their CRM system and provides one system for all sales and customer support inquiries.


Next Steps

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