Media Intelligence Firm Implements Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Chicago-Based Media Intelligence Firm Turns to Logan Consulting for the Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The Client

Founded in 1932, our client’s services focus on helping Marketing and PR Professionals improve performance and manage their company’s reputation via information services. Information services can be vastly different in scope, however they serve one common aim – to help their clients become more effective and efficient, and ultimately more successful in their field of expertise. The client was acquired in 2001 by one of the largest publicly traded media intelligence firm in the world. It operates globally, and has a presence in more than a dozen countries worldwide. This client’s  Information is headquartered in Chicago, with offices in more that a dozen locations throughout the US.

The Opportunity

They needed the ability to see all relevant customer data from all company systems in one single location. This system would allow for all US locations and business units to operate on a single, unified application which would integrate a CRM solution with backend financial/Order Entry/Invoicing application. They also wanted the ability for the CRM application to integrate with MS Outlook.

Our client required the ability to automatically feed Web Leads into the CRM application to reduce staff interaction and to ensure a proper response time. The goal of this project was to improve communication among various groups within the business (Sales, Customer Service, Accounting) while at the same time providing the best experience possible for the customer.

The Solution

To meet their objectives, Logan Consulting conducted a short, high-impact assessment with key decision makers. During the assessment major pain points and needs were identified and the scope of the project was defined. Based upon the needs of the client Logan Consulting recommended and implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Logan Consulting consultants led the implementation which included leading process design sessions, assisting in global data setup, training key users and authoring a 150 page custom training manual.

In addition, Logan Consulting authored data migration mappings between the various legacy applications into Dynamics CRM as well as built data integration jobs connecting CRM to their back office application, Microsoft Dynamics GP. Finally, Logan Consulting delivered key management reports and trained users on ad hoc reporting tools.

The Results

  • Increased sales and cross selling opportunities by providing sales and marketing personnel with detailed information on customer buying patterns.
  • Enhanced communication throughout entire organization and business units by creating one unified CRM application.
  • Complete view of the customer for sales, marketing and customer service which dramatically improved customer satisfaction
  • Higher employee productivity by automating best business practices within Dynamics CRM and eliminating redundant data entry
  • Data delivered in reports allowed management to make more informed decisions on sales and marketing initiatives
  • Ad hoc reporting tool allowed users to gather critical data and quickly react to changing business needs