With the help of Logan Consulting, a restoration and mitigation contracting company successfully implements Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


The Client

Our client is the nation’s largest network of independent restoration and mitigation contractors based in Illinois.  They collaborate with companies and independent contractors to ensure the success of both parties.


The Opportunity

Our client previously used a third-party database for licenses and screenings for employment as well as a different tool for CRM needs.  The software would provide information about contractors and companies and their use of the programs they had.  In addition, the company relied on the third-party system to complete tasks like background checks.

In order to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs, they wanted to be able to use one platform and still complete all the tasks they could previously.


The Logan Consulting Solution

Logan Consulting met with them to determine the most effective implementation option. The client selected Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM to meet their goals with the help of Logan Consulting.

Logan Consulting was able to configure Dynamics 365 CRM to recreate the functionality provided by the custom solution.  Using out of box functionality, Logan Consulting configured Dynamics 365 CRM to fit the needs of their business processes.

Logan Consulting worked to understand the company’s requirements and design Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM to streamline operations and drive efficiency.


The Results

  • Dynamics 365 CRM was able to house contractor and insurance data as well as enter and store verification and license records
  • Connected a SharePoint document library so that the physical copies of all important contractor records could be stored in SharePoint and accessed through Dynamics 365 CRM
  • Customized the company’s opportunity entity and built a process flow so salespeople could efficiently drive new enrollees in their programs
  • Trained internal staff so they could support the Dynamics 365 CRM environment


Next Steps

Replace your old ways of doing business with a modern, secure, and customizable system that already works with the Microsoft Office tools that your team is familiar with – Teams, Outlook, Excel & Word. Choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 for managing Sales and Customer Service interactions, and Marketing Outreach programs.

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