The Client

The company manufacturers bakeware for pizza, foodservice, and the baking industry.


The Opportunity

This client had been growing rapidly and their current ERP software wasn’t keeping up.  They, in fact, had two ERP systems with inventory in one system and accounting in another. In addition, at tradeshows they would gather leads, but there was no way of importing the lead information into their CRM system. An entire year’s worth of leads was kept in an Excel spreadsheet. Due to the disparate systems and manual Excel spreadsheets, it was difficult to increase efficiency and streamline processes.

The client didn’t not have an have an IT department or team.  Therefore, Logan Consulting had to design a system that required limited IT support.


The Logan Consulting Solution

Logan Consulting, an Acumatica partner, implemented the Acumatica ERP solution. Financial Distribution and Manufacturing functionality was implemented in addition to the Acumatica CRM module. Since the implementation, the client is able to communicate across departments with the same source of data and one source of the truth. For example, the sales department can view production scheduling and are able to let a customer know if something is in stock. They can also see the quantity of available units or if the product is in production. Another example is in estimating, which can be an arduous process involving multiple emails and spreadsheets. Today with Acumatica, the client is able to use information stored in Acumatica. Even if email communication is required, the email chain is stored in Acumatica, providing valuable background information. Estimates, once finalized, can be emailed directly to the customer from Acumatica.

Finally, with Acumatica, the client has access to dashboards and KPIs so they can manage the business efficiently. This allows them to focus on turning leads into customers, and not rekeying data.  Dashboards are accessible on any device including desktop, tablets and mobile.


The Final Results

Now that Logan Consulting has improved the communication among departments, there’s more time for the client to focus on growing the company instead of working on the processes. They can focus their time on marketing, expanding the plant and adding new machines.

Other results include:

  • Instituting labor reporting to track employee efficiency.
  • FedEx ship manager has been integrated with Acumatica. Before they did shipment outside Acumatica. So now the shipping department can use it and the sales team will always have the tracking number to let customers know of their shipping status.
  • Acumatica integrated with their e-commerce website, so orders from the website will appear on Acumatica.


Next Steps

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