In this case study, Logan Consulting was engaged by a construction accessory manufacturer to lead the implementation of QAD MFG/PRO.


The Client

This east coast based company is a leading manufacturer of fasteners, building products, and accessories for the commercial and residential construction industry. The company’s roofing products include screws, plates, adhesives, and drains. Their FastenMaster brand provides various wood fastening products such as composite wood screws, hidden fastening systems, and log home screws. The company is a rapidly-growing market leader that stresses responding to the needs of its customers and end users.


The Opportunity

As the client realized continued and accelerated growth, its business systems, which were primarily focused on order entry, were quickly becoming antiquated and insufficient to support its operations and expanding list of requirements. To overcome this weakness, the company purchased MFG/PRO from QAD as its ERP backbone.

Although MFG/PRO was picked to provide critical manufacturing planning and execution tools lacking in the legacy system, the functionality of the legacy, custom order entry system that was so critical to world class customer service had to be seamlessly replaced. Additionally, the client lacked the necessary routing and bill of material data to support the advanced planning and execution systems it so desired.

Logan Consulting was engaged to lead the implementation of MFG/PRO, including project management, process development, software design and configuration, and master data definition and configuration.


The Logan Consulting Solution

Logan Consulting lead a comprehensive redesign of the client’s processes to meet its business requirements with the most efficient and function-rich processes possible. Bills of materials and routings were designed from scratch to provide the detailed inventory visibility required in the company’s highly-flexible and on-demand manufacturing process while supporting Finance’s costing requirements.

The order entry process and MFG/PRO were a key focus of process design and system design and configuration. The Sales Order Maintenance user interface received added functionality to support up selling, item substitution, freighting, and rapid order entry through both the Character and Desktop 2 user interface.

The Forecast Simulation module and all supporting manufacturing planning and execution modules were implemented with an eye towards long and medium term capacity and materials planning, while supporting a lean, transaction-light execution environment.

All other major modules of MFG/PRO, including full Financials and Distribution were also included in this 4 site, 11-month implementation.


The Results

  • The SISP clearly recommended a global ERP backbone that was capable of handling all business processes.
  • Detailed analysis found that such a global ERP backbone could be implemented in less than 18 months and would prove to be less costly on a monthly basis than the incumbent mixture of systems.
  • Logan Consulting led a selection team through requirement’s definition, vendor analysis, and ultimately through contract negotiations.
  • A global ERP system was implemented and the company was ultimately sold – meeting the goals and requirements of the private equity investors.


Next Steps

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