In this case study, Logan Consulting helps a global auto-parts manufacturer successfully implement QAD EA 2014 in order to replace an outdated system.


The Client

Mexican auto-parts maker purchased a structural products business in late 2009 which included ten manufacturing plants in the U.S., Argentina, Australia, Brazil and Venezuela that produce structural components for chassis and body structures in light and commercial vehicles. The company’s US operations were focused at three plants in Kentucky. Logan Consulting has completed the implementation of QAD EA in all three US plants, as well as plants in China and South Africa.


The Opportunity

The client required an ERP system that could be quickly implemented due to support issues with legacy system, yet provide leading edge capabilities to a sophisticated user base. The new ERP system would support all aspects of the business and would replace an antiquated, early ERP system called MANMAN. Due to the problems using the MANMAN system, many of the processes consisted of manual spreadsheets in MS Excel and other off line tracking activity. The first two plants in Kentucky were implemented with 2011 Standard Edition (SE) using .NET UI, Production Schedule Workbenches, and EDI in 2012 and 2013.  All financial reporting would continue to be passed to an outside financing company.

The client engaged Logan Consulting to manage and implement the project, working closely with the company’s IT team.


The Logan Consulting Solution

Logan Consulting and this client had developed a long-standing partnership as a result of their work together implementing QAD 2011SE at the client’s various structural products plants.

Using the standard the client’s process model developed from the prior two implementations, Logan Consulting and the company evaluated the best practices at other plants and also took advantage of applications present solely at the US plant undergoing this project that were not available at other plants, such as IGear. The basic components of the implementation consisted of the following:

  • QAD 2014EE for all core non-financial business processes
  • Material Requirement Planning (MRP) and supplier schedules for all production material
  • MSW/PSW Scheduling Workbenches
  • Outside financing company for AP, AR, and Financial reporting, with integration to/from QAD 2014EE
  • Tier One Automotive EDI
  • Integration between QAD and an in-house Manufacturing Execution System (MES) called I-Gear


The Results

By implementing QAD EA 2014EE in only three months, replacing a failing, old MANMAN system, the client was able to recognize the following results and benefits:

  • Disposition of the MANMAN licensing and maintenance
  • Eliminated a home-grown TMS application for shipping to Toyota dealerships which was needed due to legacy system limitations
  • Eliminated the risk of hardware and software failure, a key concern and project driver for the company
  • Improved inventory management and planning with fully implemented MRP
  • Full automation of inter-company trade between other US plants
  • Improved efficiencies in managing and releasing supply for production materials by utilizing supplier schedules
  • Additional EDI capabilities with suppliers


Next Steps

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