A global mechanical supplier seeks out Logan Consulting’s assistance in upgrading their QAD ERP solution.


The Client

Our client is a leading global supplier of mechanical and electromechanical systems for the automotive, transportation, and appliance industries. Though based in Michigan, our client has engineering centers, manufacturing locations, sales offices, and business partners worldwide.


The Opportunity

Our client was using a 20-year legacy QAD system and had inconsistent data standards and processes throughout their organization. For example, they had multiple supplier numbers for the same supplier across the organization. System inconsistencies led our client to create multiple home-grown applications to manage their business information needs. Our client needed to align their data standards and business processes by eliminating the stand-alone business applications. These applications resulted in inefficient processes and distrust in their business reporting.


The Logan Consulting Solution

QAD experts at Logan Consulting were brought in to upgrade and reimplement QAD ERP software for operations in the United States, Mexico, and China. Our client partnered with us because of their desire to follow a strong project methodology approach, as well as their need for a skilled and experienced firm to lead them through project objectives.

By implementing standard QAD functionality, Logan Consulting was able to help this industrial supplier create uniform processes throughout their organization. These newly developed global standards allow our client to produce reliable data metrics and reports. Most importantly, their new system is accurate, reliable and trusted; it helps them run their business more efficiently and profitably.

Throughout the project, Logan Consulting helped our client identify and mitigate areas of risk that could potentially obstruct a successful implementation. The Logan team also trained a selected number of our client’s employees to create an internal consulting team.


The Results

After upgrading their QAD system, our client saw these results:

  • A successful international implementation at all project sites
  • The elimination of custom applications
  • New global data standards that have led to improved data reporting
  • A global design for all work procedures
  • The development of a strong internal consulting team
  • An enhanced set of work procedures and job aids that assist in the training and on-boarding of employees

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Next Steps

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