Logan Consulting conducts an on-site functional and technical assessment for a medical software provider that had implemented Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.

The Client

Our client provides dispensing software solutions for professionals in the medical field. They offer two different medical software. The first allows hospitals to electronically track records, while the other software allows practices to verify insurance benefits for all parties involved.

The Opportunity

The client was live on Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, but was experiencing some pain points when going through certain business processes. There was also a growing concern that the system was being underutilized. The client needed resources with software expertise from both a functional and technical perspective to understand their business requirements and address how they can be better met.

The Solution

Logan Consulting was selected to conduct a functional and technical assessment to identify system improvements and provide solutions for those issues. The resources from Logan met with key users and stakeholders from the AX implementation to gain an understanding of their requirements and how some of these were not being met.

The Results

Logan Consulting provided them with their primary findings in addition to their list of minor issues and improvements.

  • An upgrade to a newer version of AX was suggested to provide improved system stability and functionality
  • Certain users need formal training to increase efficiencies and ensure best practices are being followed
  • Enhanced use of financial dimensions to produce reports with greater business intelligence, especially expense reporting
  • Implementing the MR DataMart to resolve performance issues related to MR
  • Review and revamp security of users to better fit their role and ensure proper segregation of duties