The Client

An industry leader in providing transportation security services to airport authorities, airlines, and the federal government.


The Opportunity

This company had an outdated non-integrated system from Sage Software. The solution lacked integration throughout the project life cycle from sales, to project kickoff, to billing, and to project close. Time and billing and reporting were on different systems which resulted in redundant data entries and a two to three-day billing cycle for two people twice a month.


The Solution

Logan Consulting implemented Acumatica to convert the existing outdated systems into a modern cloud-based platform. Financials, Project Accounting, Billing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) were implemented. In addition, multiple entities were implemented along with intercompany functionality from Acumatica allowing an Accounts Payable invoice to be charged to one company and paid from another.

An external, 3rd party payroll provider was integrated to Acumatica to reduce redundant data entry and properly integrate outside systems.

The Fixed Assets module was implemented to track wands and other devices at airport facilities.


The Results

  • Financial Reporting was streamlined to allow for complete consolidated financials without exporting and reentering into Excel spreadsheets. Acumatica doesn’t have user-based pricing so everyone from executives, to controllers to accounting clerks could access the same financial data.
  • Improved the invoicing process and reduced the time from days to hours to send out bi-monthly invoices which improved cash flow and reduced collection efforts.
  • The Acumatica Mobile platform allowed managers in the field to track inventory, enter expenses and monitor projects making them more efficient and allowed them to manage projects and resources more effectively.
  • Project Costing allowed the client to track and monitor the budget to determine which projects were profitable.


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Next Steps

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