Tips for Successfully Training Users on Dynamics AX

Posted on: September 30, 2016 | By: Craig Thompson | Microsoft Dynamics AX/365

By now I’m sure you’ve all heard of the value that training holds in any ERP implementation but despite all of this, many implementation projects seem to skimp on this very crucial step. Taking the time to properly train your employees on a new ERP system like Dynamics AX allows employees to see value in your new system, get excited about the switch and feel confident in their abilities to continuously create exceptional work on a day to day bases. While not all ERP training is created equally, we believe that if you avoid these three common AX training pitfalls that your chances for success will significantly increase.

Tip 1 – Give Plenty of Hands on Training

You can train your users by the book or via video module all you want, but without any hands on experience you can expect productivity to be significantly decreased when your system goes live. While there certainly is value held in these forms of training, in order to receive maximum results hands on training needs to be utilized just as, if not more heavily. 

Often times what seems simple when read about or watched in a video module is actually more complex when actually tried in a hands on manner. Hands on training will open up a dialogue between you and your employees and help create a confidence and sense of trust in the new system; two very important steps towards getting your employees on board! It also allows for a more customized training program that addresses the specific needs of your business.

Tip 2 – Cover All Levels of Functionality in Training

While this step is certainly important for ensuring and maximizing the success of your Dynamics AX ERP implementation, it is also important to include more detailed function specific training that employees can relate to everyday operations and continue to feel confident in your implementation project. There’s nothing worse than going live on a project that not everyone has been thoroughly trained on. It’s one thing to know how the system works at a higher level, however if you don’t know how to enter data or access files then you may be in for some trouble. 

Tip 3 – Remain Flexible

Going live without properly training your employees makes it difficult to make adjustments without frustrating users or setting back your business’s operations. When going through the training process of your ERP implementation, be sure to utilize a variety of different training methods so that you are able to see what works, what needs adjusted, and how you can improve from there. Spotting potential pitfalls before they happen is something that a quality ERP implementation partner can assist you with and can help make suggestions for business improvements to quickly make adjustments so that you can maximize your success.

Implementing a new ERP system shouldn’t be a recipe for disaster. Try and keep in mind our 3 tips to ensure your ERP implementation project is a success. For more information on ERP training for Dynamics AX, contact Logan Consulting your Chicago based ERP partner for a consultation.

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