The New Dynamics AX (AX7) and How it Can Benefit Your Business

Posted on: September 29, 2016 | By: Craig Thompson | Microsoft Dynamics AX/365

By now I’m sure you’ve all heard of the New Dynamics AX and are eagerly awaiting the perfect time to update to the latest Dynamics AX ERP software. Due to its recent release, there aren’t as many resources available for those of us looking to dive deep into the new features this software has to offer. That being said, your Chicago based Microsoft partner, has put together a reference library on this new software and is constantly searching for new and updated information on this product to keep customers in the loop.

Below is a short video from Microsoft Dynamics World to further introduce the update and walk you through some of the new workflow and system changes. Microsoft Dynamics AX 7 has many new and improved features regarding financial and capital management such as the ability to export account structures straight to Excel, a new functionality to manage budget vs actuals and create ledger forecasts, users now have the ability to update their personal information within the system and also have the ability to encrypt ID numbers for more secure data throughout your organization. While of course there are plenty of other updates and changes that comes with this update, these are just some of our favorites

For more information on Microsoft Dynamics AX 7 and how it could benefit your business, contact Logan Consulting your Chicago based Microsoft Partner for a consultation.

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