Supply Chain Management Features of the New AX that Manufacturers Will Love

Posted on: October 24, 2016 | By: Craig Thompson | Microsoft Dynamics AX/365

For many manufacturers, having a flexible ERP system that can adequately simplify their supply chain management operations makes all the difference in running a streamlined and successful operations. Dynamics AX and the New AX7 Update has built upon Microsoft’s already effective Cloud ERP software through updated shipping interface improvements, inventory management as well as real time tracking and updated quality management capabilities among many other new functional capabilities. Below are three of our favorite AX updates that improve supply chain management, to read more about how AX has been improved to enhance manufacturer’s daily processing check out our reference library and the Dynamics AX 7 Manufacturing Whitepaper.

Updated Shipping Interface

Customers have come to expect a certain sense of transparency/flexibility when they place an order with a business. They expect their shipment to arrive on time and in excellent condition, otherwise they will switch to a manufacturer that can fulfill these expectations. In order to deliver exceptional service to your customers, it’s important for manufacturers to be in constant communication with shipping carriers so that you can deliver the most updated information to your customers as possible. With Dynamics AX, manufactures can automatically transfer the information that they receive from their shipment carriers to your system so that shipping costs, tracking numbers, check points and more are all housed in your ERP system, keeping you consistently in the loop and improving customer relationships.

Real Time Tracking & Quality Management

Track your inventory from beginning to end of your supply chain management processes with The New AX’s real time inventory tracking capabilities. Activities and movements in inventory can be tracked, collected and traced through warehouse, production and transport processes. You can also log specific batches and serial numbers in your ERP system to enhance quality control. Lot tractability allows you to manage your testing process and set aside items that do not live up to your standards before they get shipped out to customers. Keeping constant tabs on your stocked inventory levels is crucial for maintaining a financially sound business and not consistently being left in the dark when it comes to replenishing your supplies.

Inventory Management for Manufacturers

Dynamics AX7’s Inventory Management features allow users to take a customized approach to inventory control and valuation by giving the choice of FIFO or LIFO, standard cost, moving and weighted average methods. Dynamics AX also pulls inventory in an optimal sequence to eliminate waste by using the “best before” date, or FIFO/FEFO inventory options. When it comes to replenishing your inventory levels, users have the option between replenishing based on picking, min/max and transportation load based options. There are functions to maximize warehouse layouts, improve cycle counting plans, multi-warehouse inventory level tracking and so much more.

For more information on Dynamics AX7 and how this updated Microsoft ERP software can benefit your manufacturing business, contact Logan Consulting, a Chicago based Microsoft Dynamics Gold Certified Partner.

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