QAD Enhances Automation Capabilities With Their New Limited Availability Release

Posted on: December 21, 2015 | By: Craig Thompson | QAD Distribution

QAD has been ending the year off right with announcements of both their Channel Islands initiative and their limited availability release of QAD automation solutions. Both initiatives plan to enhance QAD applications and create a better, more intuitive product for users everywhere.

We discussed the QAD Channel Islands approach in a previous blog post, yet what are QAD’s automation plans? How will these new automation capabilities help make your life easier? With new data collection tools and label printing features, QAD hopes to provide more accurate, intelligent and traceable packaging and shipping. Other added capabilities include:

Quality Control: QAD ERP and QAD QMS (quality management system) integration allows for easy integration for lot and quality orders, test records and receipt processes.

Periodic Costing Enhancements: Combine product cost data such as logistics, labor, burden and adjustments for completely accurate product costing.

Globalization: QAD now supports users in 69 countries and 16 languages.

With advanced automation solutions, QAD offers better, accurate support for QAD ERP users across the globe. As we begin the new year, look forward to added QAD capabilities as well as stage 2 of their Channel Islands initiative. For more information on QAD ERP, contact Logan Consulting, your Chicago based QAD ERP partners. 

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