QAD eCommerce- “Honda Approved” status

Posted on: September 29, 2015 | By: Craig Thompson | QAD Manufacturing

QAD Inc. has announced their completion of one of the most comprehensive software validation processes in the world by obtaining Honda “Approved Software” status. Although QAD eCommerce has been  recognized by Honda before, this is the first time that their Cloud EDI solution has made it to the top of the ranks. In order to become “Honda Approved”, vendors must complete a challenging eight-step process to ensure that their capabilities comply with Honda’s strict requirements. Honda’s EDI requirements call for rigorous electronic data validation and bar-code label conformance. By completing this test, QAD has proven that their bar coding system and EDI features exceed all mandatory requirements. QAD has provided world-class solutions to the automotive industry for decades and continues to improve their system with each upgrade. We are looking forward to hearing of further accomplishments in the future. Congratulations QAD!

More about QAD EDI/eCommerce      

QAD EDI eCommerce provides a method for managing EDI integration with QAD Enterprise Applications. With QAD EDI, your business can be compliant with all customer EDI requirements while continuing to keep costs as low as possible.  QAD EDI e-commerce allows your company to tightly integrate with trading partners while eliminating errors and speeding up order fulfillment. 

For more information on QAD or QAD support, contact Logan Consulting, your Chicago based QAD partner. 

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