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Posted on: March 30, 2016 | By: Craig Thompson | QAD Practice News

The Midwest User Group (MWUG) recently hosted a conference for manufacturing and/or distribution companies that are utilizing the QAD ERP Application to support its business processes.  There were over 200 attendees from across the US, and Logan Consulting providing 3 presentations at the event.  Posting a summary of each presentation below, along with feedback results from attendees.

Presentation 1 – Manufacturing Track

Title: Use of Item Attributes in a Make-to-Order Environment

Presenter:  Andrew Hall – Principal at Logan Consulting

Summary:  This session will demonstrate how QAD's Item Attribute functionality can be implemented to support a make-to-order environment and the impacts on master data design and transaction processing.

Presentation 2 – Financial Track

Title:  Planning for a QAD Enterprise Edition (EE) Upgrade

Presenter:  Tim Lovely – Principal at Logan Consulting

Summary:  Planning for an upgrade to QAD’s Enterprise Edition is more complex than with past upgrades. The people, process and technology drivers need to be clearly understood in order to define a viable timeline, resource plan, and approach for the upgrade. This session will focus not only on those drivers, but also review the construct and key components of an upgrade to QAD’s Enterprise Edition, including new QAD EE functionality and its impact on the financial organization.

Presentation 3 – Manufacturing Track

Title:  Maximizing QAD Browse Capabilities

Presenter:  Brian Clark – Principal at Logan Consulting

Summary:  Browse capability in .Net has taken data accessibility to a new level in QAD. This session, intended for the “functional” browse user, will provide highlights of Browse functionality that can increase productivity in the QAD workspace. We will construct a simple browse from scratch and walk through the different opportunities for presenting browse information, including Excel, Charts and even Reporting Framework.

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