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Posted on: March 24, 2019 | By: Tim Lovely | QAD Financials, QAD Practice News, QAD Manufacturing, QAD Business Process, QAD Distribution

They are still out there! Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets used for planning and scheduling. Many QAD clients continue to utilize them because they are not aware of alternatives or simply have always done it that way. They often spend hours each week re-keying inventory, planning and scheduling data from their QAD ERP application. During a recent QAD EE upgrade Scoping and Planning project, Logan Consulting inquired about the use of MRP in the client’s current version of QAD. The client responded that they use MRP and proceeded to bring up their spreadsheet.

Logan Consulting continues to push those users to QAD’s robust scheduling tool called Master Scheduling and Production Scheduling Workbenches, commonly known as MSW/PSW.

MSW/PSW provides one integrated view of key planning and scheduling data elements within the QAD application. MSW/PSW is not a separate application but it is tightly woven into the core QAD ERP application from a menu system and data perspective.

The three main components of MSW/PSW are as follows:

  1. Master Scheduling Workbench (MSW) – This took provides for the creation of a master schedule balanced to supply, demand and available resources.
  2. Production Schedule Workbench (PSW) – This tool focuses on near term scheduling and production efficiencies through schedule optimization
  3. Component Availability Check (CAC) – This tool helps validate the schedule as orders are released to production with verification of available materials.

In summary, MSW/PSW provides quick visibility to supply and demand issues, inventory shortages, and capacity constraints. Having this information accessible in real-time in the QAD application can lead to higher productivity and less redundant data entry into spreadsheets and other planning and scheduling tools.

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