Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 – Five Reasons to Buy

Posted on: August 1, 2013 | By: Andrew Hall | Microsoft Dynamics AX/365

We are often asked what compelling reasons there are two purchase Dynamics AX 2012, or even to upgrade. Though I could write pages on this topic, here are 5 key reasons to begin the conversation.

1. Preconfigured for Specific Verticals
Dynamics AX 2012 allows for rapid deployment as it comes available with pre-configured based on industry specific best practices. Not only does this reduce the time and cost of implementation, but it enforces and enables world class process specific to your industry, be it manufacturing, distribution, etc.
2. Global and Local
Dynamics AX 2012 provides an infrastructure that supports global operations while also containing the necessary localizations to meet regulatory requirements or countries across the globe.
3. Easy On-Boarding
Dynamics AX 2012 presents an intuitive user interface that will be familiar to all users of Microsoft Office, including tools for sorting, filtering, integrating with Excel, etc. This greatly improves and speeds user training and acceptance, which is typically problematic with other ERP platforms.
4. Total Cost of Ownership
Both the preconfigured verticals and easy on-boarding help to deliver faster and more successful implementations that result in lower total cost of ownership when compared to competing platforms that offer the rich variety of functionality of Dynamics AX 2012.
5. The Power of Microsoft Behind You
Microsoft has a proven commitment to support, research and development, and technical innovation. By choosing Dynamics AX 2012 you will have the full weight of Microsoft supporting you.

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