Microsoft CRM Contact Sync with Outlook

Posted on: October 31, 2012 | By: SuperUser Account | Microsoft Dynamics CRM

One of the reasons people choose Microsoft CRM is its great integration with Outlook. One of the most common questions we receive has to do with the best way to sync and share these contacts.

When the Outlook client for CRM 2011 is installed into outlook, there are out of the box Outlook Filters that are applied for syncing contacts. Often times, you may not want all of your CRM contacts that you are owner of to sync into your Outlook contacts folder. In addition, if you are using Exchange as your email server, more than likely you are also getting these Outlook Contacts pushed up to your Smartphone (IPhone, Android, Windows Phone) from your Outlook file. This can cause your phone to suddenly get filled up with a lot of contacts that you don’t want. It is advisable for first time client installs that the Outlook contact sync filter be set to Inactive, until the user decides on how they want to use CRM contacts in Outlook. The email filter setting can be changed or disabled by doing the following inside of Outlook:

1. Click on File>CRM, and you should come to this screen:

2.    Next, click on the Synchronize button in the center of this form, and you should see an option for Outlook Filters. Choose Outlook Filters and it will bring you to this screen:

These are the filters that control syncing with CRM. In this example, I have the “My Outlook Contacts” set to Inactive, and they will not sync with CRM. This is controlled by the two highlighted buttons in the above screen shot. In the same manner, you can also control sync for any of the other items listed.

You can now go into the My Outlook Contacts and determine the filters you want to create that allow you to have the contacts you want available in Outlook and on your phone.

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