Introducing Intacct Collaborate

Posted on: October 24, 2014 | By: Craig Thompson | Intacct

Dreamforce 2014 in San Francisco was an exciting place to be for Intacct as the company introduced Intacct Collaborate, a new collaboration backbone built into Intacct’s financial system. Intacct Collaborate has paired with to create an easier way for finance, sales and services teams to streamline communications and speed up work execution.

Intacct Collaborate works with by embedding SalesForce Chatter into its system. This means that finance, sales and service employees can work collaboratively, keeping processes more efficient even with changing policies and unclear data.

When working with traditional financial systems users are forced to use e-mail accounts separate from their widely used applications in order to clarify the status of processes, interpret and discuss trends and more. This system increases the risk of important processes being neglected due to the constant back and forth swap between applications.

Intacct Collaborate offers a seamless experience and a modern and efficient way for finance, sales and services employees to interact together to collaborate key finance and accounting processes. The days of endless separate and external e-mail threads are over with the ability to conduct conversations right inside Intacct’s cloud financial management application. User can chat directly on specific records such as journal entries, projects, invoices and purchase requisitions. Intacct Collaborate allows Sales teams to collaborate with the system they use the most and gives Finance teams access to conversations within the accounting system of record they work in. Thanks to Intacct’s pairing with, Intacct Collaborate makes the important interaction between sales and financials a breeze.


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