How QAD Fosters Creativity To Offer You Innovative Products

Posted on: December 9, 2015 | By: Craig Thompson | QAD Business Process

Without dedicated employees, a business is not worth much. The more a company fosters excitement and innovation within its workforce, the better the product or service becomes. QAD is a great example of this. Each year they hold an interactive event that collaborates together programmers and developers from all over the globe. Hackathon (also known as hackfest or codefest) allows QAD to better their products by fostering creativity with their top employees.

As mobile applications become more and more relevant it only makes sense that this year’s theme was Mobile Apps in the QAD World. 300 participants formed 48 teams and worked together to creatively explore all ideas surrounding the realm of mobile QAD.

By encouraging developers and programmers all over the globe to come together and work towards one single goal, QAD uncovered some brilliant results. With Hackathon, QAD users will be able to access some pretty interesting and beneficial QAD mobile applications in the near future. Looking forward to it! For more information on QAD Cloud ERP, contact Logan Consulting your Chicago based QAD partners. 


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