Be Prepared When Disaster Strikes with Acumatica Cloud ERP

Posted on: December 8, 2015 | By: Craig Thompson | Acumatica

There are many ways that a company can lose important and necessary data. Viruses and malware, mechanical damages, power failures, theft, fire and even explosions are just to name a few. Yet no matter the cause, losing data is always unexpected and always a detrimental loss to a company. Studies have shown that just last year data loss has resulted in over $1.7 trillion in losses.

Besides purely numbers, what other side effects occur when data is lost? Of course when customer data is lost, you lose their trust and possibly their businesses entirely. Data loss effects your internal business as well as upset employees try to diligently make up for what has been lost.

We know that no one wants to think about disaster in the their workplace, but if addressed and thought out thoroughly prior to an incident, substantial amounts of money and data can be saved. Although you cannot prevent disaster, you can definitely prevent your data from getting lost depending on where you store it.  When you subscribe to a SaaS (software as a service) offering such as Acumatica, your data is replicated in multiple geographical zones ensuring that even in disaster, your company can get up and running immediately. With data stored in the cloud, and not on physical server, your company can forego physical disaster such as fires and floods in your workplace. 24/7 outage customer service teams and regularly performed data backups guarantee that your data is safe and recoverable at all times.  

You can’t always change the misfortunes that occur around you, but you can take preventable action to ensure that your company is prepared for the worst when it strikes. By keeping your data safe, you can keep your customers happy and your organization running smoothly. For more information on ERP consulting or Acumatica Cloud ERPcontact Logan Consulting, your Chicago based Acumatica partner. 

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