How Microsoft Dynamics CRM Gives Salespeople Negotiation Power

Posted on: April 20, 2017 | By: Craig Thompson | Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    The ability for salespeople to negotiate contracts at a fast pace is crucial when trying to solidify sales. Many companies experience lost deals due to their lack of connectivity between a sales pitch and data housed in the server. Now more than ever customers are making purchases with extensive knowledge. The internet allows customers to research just about anything before making a purchase. For salespeople to stay up to speed with  trends they too must have this data at their fingertips. Companies looking to surpass competitors are arming salespeople with the most innovative tools to gain negotiation power. A forward-thinking system like Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online (Dynamics 365 for Sales) gives salespeople the power to negotiate faster and more effectively.

3 ways to gain negotiation power with dynamics crm

Client History

    Knowing your client’s interests and purchase history can make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful sales pitch. Getting to the core of customer priorities can leverage your business’s ability to turn negotiations into a sale. Microsoft CRM Online (Dynamics 365 for Sales) has strong mobility features that will allow your sales team to access client purchase history directly on a mobile or tablet device providing key data during client meetings.


    Because companies are always searching for the best deals on products and services, knowing the price levels in your industry is a must when negotiating. If your company poses higher pricing than competition salespeople should be armed with the knowledge of why customers should go with your product instead of the cheaper alternative. Being equipped with these price levels will only allow for greater negotiation power.

Product Catalog

    Having the products available for customer viewing on-the-go gives salespeople the opportunity to upsell customers as they negotiate. With the catalog on hand customers don’t need to weigh the options before purchasing, they can make that decision on the spot and salespeople can close the deal all at once. Microsoft CRM’s ability to automate workflow directs the quote to a manager for review right as it happens. Once the quote is approved the transaction is finalized and salespeople can continue pushing towards their goals!

    Knowing your salesperson has the tools and knowledge to help your clients make informed purchases builds that trust to do business with them moving forward. A sales rep that is empowered with client history, price levels, and an updated product catalog in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online (Dynamics 365 for Sales) can engage in negotiations with clients anywhere. Supplying salespeople with a tool like Microsoft Dynamics CRM can make all the difference when trying to rev up sales. 

    Contact Logan Consulting, your Chicago based Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft CRM Online and Dynamics 365 for Sales Partner, if your business needs assistance purchasing, implementing, or simply gathering more knowledge on a system like Microsoft Dynamics CRM!


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