How and Why You Should Use the Kanban View in Microsoft CRM

Posted on: July 1, 2020 | By: Guy Logan | Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Many of our clients spend a lot of time filing through thousands of records on Microsoft CRM to find the information they’re looking for. They also have trouble keeping track of individual tasks or action items when working in big, long-term projects with multiple team members. This wastes time and energy when tasks can’t be prioritized or completed efficiently to move your projects forward. 

A great solution to this problem is the Kanban view in Microsoft CRM. Here’s what the Kanban method is and how you can start using it to improve your workflow efficiency today. 

What is Kanban?

The Kanban method, which originates from the Japanese word for visual card, is utilized as a framework for implementing agile software development. A Kanban board shows tasks in a visual representation that allows team members to see the stage of each piece of work in real-time. You can organize the individual tasks or cards into a visual pipeline with stages or lanes, and move any cards along the pipeline as they move through the stages toward completion. This helps to maximize efficiency or workflow by keeping everyone on the same page and helping them commit the exact amount of time needed to complete a project. 

How to Use the Kanban View in Microsoft CRM

To open a Kanban view in Microsoft CRM, select Activities in your site map. In the command bar, select the three dots on the far right to see more commands. Select Show As and Kanban to change the view. 

If Kanban is not an available option, check with your system customizer to add it to your Activities


Selecting the Kanban view in Microsoft CRM


Your activities should be displayed in their correct lane or stage, which can be edited as needed. At the top of each lane, you can see how many cards it holds.


Displaying Activities dashboard in Microsoft CRM


You can edit the card by clicking on it and adding a priority level, due date, and more. These edits save automatically every time you close the card and the whole Kanban view is refreshed when you close the entire activity form.


Editing an activity card in Microsoft CRM


You can also drag a card and move it to any other lane. When you do this, the activity status of the card automatically changes to match its new lane. Once the card is moved to the Completed or Canceled lane, the status changes to closed and the card becomes inactive. However, this card can be moved back to an open lane if needed. 

Cards in the lanes can be filtered through a different view. For example, you can select the Activity Type filter to display only meetings or phone calls, and the board will be refreshed to show only these activities. The Search box will also filter the cards based on the search criteria and refresh the Kanban view to show only those activities.


Searching for an activity card in Microsoft CRM


Activities are not the only thing that can be viewed in Kanban. You can change the board to display cases, opportunities, leads, accounts and more in this view by clicking on the arrow next to My Activities. Now you’re ready to use the Kanban view in Microsoft CRM. 


Active Cases dashboard in Microsoft CRM

Next Steps

Looking to use tools like the Kanban view in Microsoft CRM to improve your company’s workflow efficiency? Logan Consulting, based in Chicago, is committed to helping clients across the nation reach their full potential. Reach out to us to talk about any of your Microsoft CRM needs.

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