Get the Most out of MWUG With QAD Training

Posted on: October 9, 2015 | By: Craig Thompson | QAD Business Process

If you are a QAD user looking to get more out of your Midwest User Group conference investment, look no further. Logan Consulting will be hosting two QAD training events immediately following MWUG this spring, in Lincolnshire, Illinois. This event, held on March 20-22nd will be broken up into two training classes, one addressed towards helping functional QAD users while the other will cater towards QAD technical users. These classes offer users valuable insight and impeccable training. In past sessions, classes have been known to fill up fast!

If you are considering attending MWUG this Spring, but have not decided whether QAD training is for you, here are what some of our participants had to say:

Jennifer Louria (Champion Foods)“Excellent Training!  Learned a lot and refreshed or reinforced prior knowledge”

Marian Cruttenden (Pridgeon & Clay)“Andrew does and excellent job!  Very beneficial!”

Our training goals,  agenda and approach are as follows:

Training Goal: This workshop will focus on helping you develop a deeper understanding of production, execution, setups, and processing. We will be focusing purely on execution, not material or production planning. You will learn about master data setup through product completion. We will also help you understand QAD functionality and how it can be applied to different manufacturing environments.

 Training Agenda

•             Product Structures

•             Work Centers & Routings

•             Subcontract Setups

•             Work Order Processing

 Work Order Release through Work Close

 Monitoring Reports and Variance Analysis

•             Advanced Repetitive Processing

 Incremental Advanced Repetitive Setups

Repetitive Schedule through Backflush

Monitoring Reports and Variance Analysis

 Training Approach:

•             Start with Setups & Configurations & Impact on Design Decisions

•             Compare & Contrast Work Orders vs. Advanced Repetitive

•             Continue to Process & Transactions



 Exceptions (Scrap, Rework, etc.)

•             Review Monitoring & Variance Reports

•             Open to Group Discussion & Q&A.

QAD training after MWUG is valuable for any user, not matter how novice or experienced. Click here to register. If you still are not convinced, feel free to contact Logan Consulting for any questions.  


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