Gaining Financial Stability with a Cloud ERP System like QAD EE Financials

Posted on: July 19, 2017 | By: Craig Thompson | QAD Financials, QAD Practice News

Not knowing the financial state of your business is unsettling. It’s more common than you’d think for businesses to have unknown budget constraints that don’t align properly with revenues.  Many manufacturing companies cannot manage cash, budget properly or effectively manage their AP payables and AR receivables.  Thankfully, with a forward-thinking solution like QAD in the Cloud Enterprise Financials (EE Financials), you can end the guessing and make more informed decisions about financials. QAD EE Financials ERP assists manufacturing businesses in keeping financials accurate by cultivating effective cash management, budgeting, and accounts payable.

Cash Management

Electronic banking is changing the way money is handled and how deadlines are met. By automating the process of payments your business can avoid late fees and missed deadlines. Electronically importing bank statements is now possible in QAD, meaning that balancing multiple bank statements becomes that much easier to view and compare. QAD is designed for manufacturing companies and has the capabilities to help with a variety of banking needs.


By using “what if” scenarios in reporting and analyses, your business can formulate budgets for any number scenarios that come your way. QAD helps users view their current budget, actuals, or anticipated budget amounts to visualize a variety of strategies. Budgeting supports sound financial planning and thinking which provides for sound financial operations and a well-rounded picture of your financial strengths and weaknesses.

Accounts Payable

This is an area where many businesses fall short. Outdated accounting solutions often struggle to keep accounts payable current. With QAD ERP you can streamline the payables process from PO to supplier payments, saving time and eliminating errors. Monitoring outstanding payables within this solution is simplified to prevent missed payments, unknown debts, terminated supplier shipments or otherwise upset supply chain relationships. The final way QAD helps to gain control of your accounts payable is by automating supplier payment processing to ensure transactions happen fluidly.


QAD EE Financials supports your manufacturing business with comprehensive tools to assist management and budgeting needs. This internationalized solution supports businesses in over 44 countries across the globe. If your business needs greater financial stability and control, QAD ERP in general and EE Financials might be the choice for you. Contact, Logan Consulting, for more information on what QAD EE Financials can do for your business!

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