5 Travelers & Their Ideal Getaways

Posted on: July 19, 2017 | By: Craig Thompson | Logan Consulting News

Even the hardest of workers need time away to decompress. Decide where to plan your next vacation with these destinations for every travel style.


The Beach Bum

There is nothing like sitting back and relaxing with your toes in the sand and sun on your face. While the beach might not be everyone’s ideal getaway many flock to the waves during their time off. Aside from some well-known destinations like Venice Beach and Cancun that attract millions of tourists every year, we have a recommendation for the beach bum looking for something more low-key. Negril, Jamaica is known for its pristine conditions, relaxing atmosphere, and vibrant culture. Negril is best known for its 7-mile beach that is completely walkable. Whether you decide to invest in an all-inclusive vacation package or slip away to a more private condominium, Negril’s waves are yours for the entire stay.

The Shopaholic

Bloomingdales, Barneys, Berfdorfs, and more! The Big Apple is the perfect getaway for any type of shopper. Whether you’re looking for designer brands, eclectic boutiques, or bargains galore NYC has it all. Even the mini-shopper will be please in the Big Apple with the classic European toy store—FAO Schwarz. The many aisles of high-end toys, dolls, trains, board games, and more will get even the youngest of shoppers excited.  Sweet home Chicago is a close 2nd!

The Fitspo

For many travelers, vacation doesn’t always mean sitting back and relaxing. We have the perfect destination for fitness junkies that are always looking to get their cardio in—Southern Utah. The possibilities are endless in one of the world’s premiere hiking destinations. With a plethora of national parks, red rock trails, and campsites you’ll never run out of things to do in Utah. Looking to try something new? Check out the guided tours, horseback riding, or fishing around the region for a once in a lifetime adventure.

The Foodie

Let’s be honest, there is no denying one of the best parts of vacation is the dining. But it takes a special kind of traveler to check out all the local bites and sample just about everything. Mazatlan, Mexico is a destination foodies don’t want to miss. Mazatlan is known to be the shrimp capital with a variety of flavors that will certainly satisfy your palette. From ceviche to stewed meats, Mazatlan will have you sampling all the authentic dishes washed down with a cold horchata.  Look to Playa on the other coast for a great foodie city with a European feel.

The Adventurer

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands is the ideal spot for the fearless one looking to create some unforgettable memories. Any adventurer will be pushed to their limits in what is known as The Stingray City Sandbar. This popular attraction is home to an entire fleet of stingrays who live near the shore. Despite the shallow waters, over two dozen stingrays can gather all at once. It’ll take the most courageous of travelers to tackle this feat!

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