Microsoft Dynamics 365- Understanding Licensing

Posted on: July 20, 2017 | By: Craig Thompson | Microsoft Dynamics AX/365, Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics 365, previously known as Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Microsoft Dynamics AX, is a powerful tool that is undergoing change to become an even more adaptable solution for users like you. One of the ways this software is changing is how licensing is done. By changing to named user subscriptions Dynamics 365 users are now classified by type.

Dynamics 365 Licensing

Light Users

Light users are categorized usually as “team members” and make up many users in an organization who complete light tasks like time/expense entry and HR record updates. These users may consume data or reports from the full Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution to complete these “light” tasks but they aren’t using Dynamics 365’s full functionality. As bonus of having these individuals listed as light users rather than full users is reduced pricing.

Full Users

Full users are the ones whose work requires use of the feature rich business applications functionality. These types of users are usually categorized as “pro users or power users”. Examples of titles these users may hold are customer service representatives, finance employees, controllers, supply chain managers, and salespeople. Your business can grant access to specific applications depending on the user’s role, for example the Sales Application would give your salesperson access to all the tools they need such as Accounts & Contacts, Case Management, Dynamics 365 for Outlook, Contracts, and more. Another feature Dynamics 365  is adding to their licensing is the option to add a “plan user”. This user would have access to every application with the Dynamics 365 solution.

To help you gain a better understanding of the rights the chart below shows each user type and functionality available.

Dynamics 365 Licensing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is replacing other Microsoft applications.  Although, some might look at this as a daunting and disappointing change, the improvements are to help users like you. By altering the way licensing is done you can categorize users by their usage and save money in the long run. For more questions on these changes and what they mean for your business contact, Logan Consulting, you Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner of Chicago for a free consultation now!


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