Enhancements to Shopify Connection

Posted on: September 19, 2022 | By: Jim Bertler | Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

Microsoft’s 2022 release wave 2 will begin becoming available to the public in October, with new features continuing to roll out until March 2023. Included in this massive biannual update are enhancements to Business Central, making the application more efficient and effective for users.

Having a seamlessly integrated e-commerce platform and ERP solution is a necessity for sellers in the modern marketplace, where consumers are commonly opting to conduct their shopping online. 

Business Central users can connect their software to Shopify, synchronizing order, stock, and customer information. In the 2022 release wave 2, Microsoft has included updates to the Shopify-Business Central connection based off of user feedback.

Shopify Enhancements

The update focuses on improving the user interface. Specifically, Microsoft has made improvements to the Shopify Shop Card, updating field and tab names to easier-to-understand terminology. Moreover, the Shop Code field is now mandatory in order to make it impossible to create a shop card with a blank code on accident.

Users can now automatically start syncing images or inventory when adding items to Shopify, instead of waiting for the system to begin to process. 

Sales orders are now listed in order of most recent. Also, users can navigate to related sales documents by using the Sales Order No. or Sales Invoice No. fields. 

To learn more about the changes made to the Shopify Business Central connection, check out Microsoft’s page.

Next Steps

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