Don’t take your eye of the ball post-implementation

Posted on: June 15, 2017 | By: Andrew Hall | ERP Selection, QAD Business Process, Professional Services

Anyone who has ever participated in an ERP implementation project can attest to the effort required to get to the go-live date. However, once that date has passed, it is important to not lose sight of the fact that the work is not, and is never, done. Many ERP systems become obsolete years sooner than they should due to the fact that the business fails to maintain the systems, data, processes and procedures; not because the functionality is suddenly old fashioned. There are simple steps that you can take to prevent premature obsolescence.

  • Maintain an on-going issue register and review periodically with the business. This prevents issues from being corrected by users through the use of informal systems such as Excel, Access, etc. The issues log can be the driving force behind periodic kaizen events.

  • Conduct periodic data audits to ensure master data such as planning data are complete and up to date, thus ensuring proper ERP functioning.

  • Conduct Process and Procedure audits to ensure users are following the intended design for system usage. This prevents deviations, backsliding, and creation of informal systems and silos.

  • Maintain process and procedure documentation and keep it stored in an accessible location. As processes are improved or changed, purposefully, update all related documentation accordingly.

  • Formalize all training. When resources change jobs or new employees are onboarded, ensure there is a formal training program that leverages the published processes and procedures. This prevents “brain drain” and ensures that all users approach their function per the intended design of business processes and the ERP system

Of course, the above activities requires an investment in time, but in the long run, but this is a small investment or cost and time compared to frequent ERP implementation or re-implementation projects.

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