Customizations and their Impact on Upgrading QAD for Domain

Posted on: March 18, 2010 | By: SuperUser Account | QAD Financials

Over the years, Logan Consulting has assisted a number of companies in their upgrade projects. One of the most significant upgrades from a planning, cost and project execution standpoint is the upgrade from a Pre-Domain version to a Post Domain version. If your QAD instance is a pre-domain environment and you have a substantial amount of custom programs, your upgrade timeline will be dependent on the code remediation task.
Code remediation for this upgrade requires a number of steps. First, the code needs to be domain compliant. Each customization will require global domain progress syntax inserted in the program. Logan Consulting has a global domain conversion program that will automatically insert this code into your custom programs. Next, custom databases that support the custom code need to be remediated. This involves adding the domain field to the custom tables. The next step is to insure the program runs in the .NetUI interface. Additional coding may be required to make the customization .NetUI compliant. Finally, the program needs to be unit tested by the technical programmer. This test will insure the compiled code runs without error.
After unit testing, the programs should be tested by the users. This user acceptance test should insure the program works for its business purpose.
You should budget approximately 2 hours per program for the remediation effort. We have successfully off-shored this effort, however, it needs to be tightly managed. Also, the business needs to dedicate users to the testing effort.

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