Cornerstone client testing new applications for the iPhone

Posted on: August 17, 2009 | By: SuperUser Account | Logan Consulting News

Almost every sales person and IT person I know today is using an iPhone and I am starting to see early adaptors integrating their iPhones to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM experience. I should be able to provide plenty of feedback in the near future. One of my clients is currently in the process of installing and testing two new applications which integrate iPhones with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The products are the iphoneCTO found at: as well as Brisge2CRM found at: .

I also found these sites poking around on the internet: . Here is another: .

Here is an article from the MS Team Blog where the product Bridge2CRM is featured: .

I’d love to share experiences using any of these applications, as with the adoption of the iPhone as a business tool, there should be many vendors authoring integration tools to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The entrepreneurial spirit in the marketplace is exciting, but we also need to know which ones work best and why.

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