Flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to connect to any mail application

Posted on: August 17, 2009 | By: SuperUser Account | Logan Consulting News

Recently we deployed On Premise CRM for a company which had not been using either Outlook or Exchange to handle the company’s email. We implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM and used Outlook as the interface for sending and receiving messages. We utilized Outlook’s POP3 technology and allowed us to push and pull Email messages from their web mail experience and into Outlook. Using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Outlook client, we were able to capitalize on the Outlook interface to track and store Email, create Contacts, and access CRM from one location. The tip when pointing your mail application to Outlook is that the inbox feed must be to the default Outlook inbox. When Outlook creates a separate Inbox without Outlook, the CRM client would not work. When CRM client was moved to the default it worked great.

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