3 Fool Proof Ways to Get Your Sales Team Excited About Microsoft CRM

Posted on: September 21, 2016 | By: Craig Thompson | Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Getting your sales team on board with adoption of a new CRM system can be challenging at times but still a crucial part of ensuring project success. While change can be difficult, the benefits that you employees will reap are far more than any setbacks that may be experienced. CRM systems are great for managing sales leads, organizing contacts, assigning activities among other great functions. Here are reasons why sales teams should start getting excited about implementing a CRM system like Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

CRM Accelerates Memory

Having an effective CRM is comparable to having a built in personal assistant on call all hours of the day. Software like Microsoft CRM remembers patient contact information, schedules activities, logs engagement data and more, all in one singular and streamlined business operating system.

Organize Your Sales Team Like Never Before

Keeping track of important notes, activities, meetings and other daily processes can be tough, even with the use of a day planner. Instead of trying to track all of these important meetings on your own, CRM can simplify the days of your sales team and organize activities like never before. Dynamics CRM will also send you built in daily reminders into your daily processes allowing for stress-free and productive days.

Ensure Recurring Sales

Create personalized records to cater to your customers specifically, to help them feel valued and increase customer retention rates. A cared about customer is a happy customer, especially in a world where social media and instantaneous reviews are the norm and customers can be whisked away by the competition if your service isn’t exemplary.

Want to learn more about how Dynamics CRM can excite your sales team and increase productivity? Contact Logan Consulting, your Chicago based Microsoft Dynamics Partners to schedule a consultation.

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