What to Know:
Moving from Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central

The Challenge

As Microsoft continues to release new information about Dynamics 365 Business Central, many clients are wondering about the future of Dynamics GP. Although Microsoft continues to invest in both platforms, the leaning of these investments toward Business Central has prompted a number of questions from companies with Dynamics GP.

Logan Consulting has helped many clients with Dynamics GP and Dynamics BC. On this page, we have compiled an array of resources that companies might find helpful, whether they are staying on GP or considering the switch from GP to Business Central.

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FAQ: Moving From Dynamics GP to Business Central

Does my business have to move to Business Central? How much does Business Central cost? Logan Consulting has received many similar questions regarding the move from Dynamics GP to BC.

In this blog post, we will answer some of our most frequently asked questions about the transition from Dynamics GP to BC.

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Should Companies Stay on Microsoft Dynamics GP?

As Microsoft continues to release new information about Dynamics 365 Business Central, many clients are wondering about the future of Dynamics GP. So, can companies stay on Dynamics GP? The simple answer is yes. In fact, Logan Consulting has many clients who are staying on Dynamics GP and even upgrading their GP environment to the latest version of Dynamics GP released in 2020.

Microsoft has committed to releases until 2024 — Now, the question becomes “Should companies stay on Dynamics GP?”, and our answer is more complex.

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What Microsoft’s Modern Lifestyle Support Policy Means for Dynamics GP

Beginning with Dynamics GP 18.2 (released in October 2019), every Microsoft GP version will adopt Microsoft’s Modern Lifestyle Support policy.

In this blog post, we will help users staying on Dynamics GP understand Microsoft’s Modern Lifestyle Policy and provide our prediction of how Microsoft will move forward with Dynamics GP.

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Support for Dynamics GP Still Matters, and Logan Consulting Can Help

Many companies are considering the move to other solutions such as Dynamics BC or Acumatica. Logan Consulting supports all of these solutions and has helped clients transition from Dynamics GP to Business Central and Acumatica.

However, some companies do not need to move away from GP. In this case, how does Logan Consulting provide support for GP clients, and what options do we offer?

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Microsoft Dynamics GP vs. Business Central: What are the Differences?

Although we have published many resources for companies considering the move from Dynamics GP to Business Central, we have yet to address an important question: What are the differences between Dynamics GP and Business Central?

Read our blog post to explore the difference between two of Microsoft’s leading ERP solutions.


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