Metal machinery manufacturer successfully configured Microsoft Dynamics AX to improve sales order workflow within their organization, with help from Logan Consulting.


The Client

The client sells advanced machinery and automation as well as consumables that power every day production. Being part of a global corporation enables them to draw from an extensive global source of support and innovation. The company provides products and services to Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the United States. They also provide on-site application support which allows its customers to eliminate bottlenecks, improve accuracy and drive throughput in their operations.


The Opportunity

This client was looking to improve their organization’s sales order workflow using Microsoft Dynamics AX. By streamlining their sales workflow, our client planned to increase sales order velocity while also increasing customer responsiveness, all while adhering to strict company policies.


The Logan Consulting Solution

Logan Consulting held business process design sessions to evaluate the client’s preferred workflow needs.. Specifically, Logan Consulting implemented logic to streamline their sales order and return process while enforcing appropriate policies within the workflow. For example, one of the implemented policies redirected a sales order to a credit review department in cases where the customer had invoices over 30 days past due. Logan Consulting also implemented version control, which gave the client a way to track any sales order changes (e.g. if there was a change with a date, any additional charges, etc.). This functionality allowed for smoother and more efficient interactions between our client and their customers.


The Results

After implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX and creating a sales order workflow, our client saw the following results:

General Improvements

  • Better sales order management
  • Fewer issues with order entry process
  • Concise pricing and costing in sales orders which increases margins
  • Improved customer management
  • Collaborative management of receivables

Sample Policy Improvements

  • If a sales order was created and a customer had invoices that were over 30 days, they would be redirected to a different department
  • Price deviation – Compared the list price to the unit price of the item
  • Discount validation – Was the appropriate discount applied?
  • Re-approval step – If characteristics of a sales order change, which steps in the workflow require a reapproval?

Sample Version Control

  • Capture new sales order version if there is a change within the order
  • New version if additional charges added to sales order (ex. forgot to charge shipping charges, fees, etc)


Next Steps

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